Dive deeper into smart bookkeeping with Dext Prepare

Advanced Training is perfect for those who are starting off, have new additions on your team, or for anyone who wants a refresher. 

Our sessions are hosted on Tuesdays by our in-house Partner Success Consultants. 

We cover the key workflows, processes, and tools, to make your bookkeeping effortless:

  • Optimize your Receipt setup
    • System settings
    • Secondary integrations
    • Auto client settings
    • Default settings in your Inbox
    • Setting up Bank Feeds

  • Set up automation successfully in your Supplier List
    • Supplier Rules, and Auto Publish
    • Smart Split

  • Manage your inbox effectively
    • Line Items
    • Tool button
    • Item types to publish
    • Expense Reports
    • Best practices with Auto Publish
    • Sales Tab
    • Using Bank Feeds

There will also be time for questions at the end!

Simply select the day you'd like to join to the right, and we will send you an email to confirm your session.

See you there!