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Unlocking the Potential of AI in Accounting 

AI is revolutionising industries, including accounting. At Dext, we're at the cutting edge of this transformation. Dive deep with us into the vast opportunities and crucial aspects of AI in accounting. Register your interest now for our upcoming webinar series: Unlocking the Power of AI in Accounting.  

Wednesday 29th November 3pm - Advancing AI: Shaping the Next Era of Accounting Practices.

Register today for thought-provoking conversation on AI and its place in the future of accounting, from the basics to its industry-changing potential.

What you can expect to learn about:

  • Gain a Competitive Edge: Stay ahead with AI technologies transforming accounting practices
  • Expert Insights: Engage with industry-leading panellists to gain valuable insights and expertise
  • Real Results: Discover how AI is already reshaping accounting with views from accounting firms at all stages of their digital maturity
  • Enhanced Client Experiences: Learn how AI can elevate client interactions and satisfaction
  • Debate the Impact: Join discussions on whether AI is a threat or an opportunity for accounting firms

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Webinar Series Host
Stephen Edginton

CPTO, Dext

Stephen Edginton, leads the global product and engineering teams at Dext in crafting top-tier, AI-driven solutions empowering businesses, accountants, and bookkeepers to do more. Formerly the Chief Innovation Officer and SVP of Engineering at Epicor Software and co-founded the software development and consultancy company Dot-Net-IT, aiding global clients in digital transformations. With a rich background collaborating with diverse businesses, Stephen advocates AI as the key to unlocking greater potential in the business realm.

Advancing AI: Shaping the Next Era of Accounting Practices.

Thursday 29th November 3pm

Discover how to master AI as we delve into the future of of how it will shape the industry going forward.

Claire Markham(1)
Claire Markham

Managing Director, The Focus Collection

Claire set up her multi award winning accountancy practice in 2008. Being passionate about tax, digitalisation and efficiency, in a way that is easily understood by clients and finding software to suit different needs means Claire is always talking to people, (her favourite task). Part of this includes running a non-profit business club to help provide support and collaboration opportunities for local businesses.

She has an interest in psychometric tests and body language to aid in understanding and talking with people, part qualifying in psychology, something which has played a role in growing her business relationships. Currently studying for her MBA, Claire is balancing all this with having a young family, so is usually found with a coffee in her hand!

Alastair Barlow FCCA

CEO and co-founder, Flounder

Alastair is the CEO and co-founder of flinder. flinder builds and runs smart finance functions® and data analytics for fast-growth and complex businesses. Prior to founding flinder, Alastair spent 16 years at PwC in various roles across consulting and assurance. He is an accountant, speaker, judge and adviser to industry forums. He’s passionate about the convergence of accountancy and data, which is the core foundation of flinder. Outside of work he enjoys spending time with his daughter, fitness, cycling, snowboarding, skiing, reading, self-development, business, motorsports, rugby, international travel and the arts.

Peter Magner - Salers & Marketing Director
Peter Magner

Sales & Marketing Director, Iridium Business Solutions

Peter is an avid trail runner and sports enthusiast. He has a passion for people and technology and uses these skills to help grow Iridium Business Solutions. He currently heads up the Sales and Marketing for the company, whilst also managing a team of Cloud Accountants. In 2019, he was fortunate enough to be selected as one of the SAICA Top 35-under-35. Iridium helps over 200 SMEs throughout South Africa manage their finances better by empowering them with the knowledge and tools to reach their goals. All our SMEs are set up with cloud accounting tools like Xero, Dext and SimplePay.

Damian Baker
Damian Baker

Head of Cloud Accounting, Outsourced CFO

As the Head of Cloud Accounting at Outsourced CFO, Damian manages operations and quality control for the Cloud Accounting division, overseeing cloud accounting conversion for clients and playing a pivotal role in the strategic planning for the future of this division. Damian’s expertise lies in integrating technology with traditional accounting practices to optimize financial processes for businesses. 

Decoding AI: Breaking Down its Role in Accounting


Stephen Edginton will lead the panel to discuss the basics for those starting out with AI, covering what it is, why the industry is talking about it and how it's leveraged.

Mask group (19)
Jordan Vickery

Global Director & Head of EMEA, Journey

Jordan is an experienced marketing leader with 10+ years of working in the accounting & bookkeeping profession. He is a Director & Head of EMEA for Journey, an agency helping accounting-tech firms to grow. He also serves as Head of Content for the UK's leading tech conference for accountants, Digital Accountancy Show. 

Julia Reid head shot
Julia Reid

Senior Manager / Digital Advisory, Johnson Carmichael

A Senior Manager at Johnston Carmichael since 2018, Julia Reid leads within the dynamic Digital Advisory team. With 24 years in accountancy, her expertise spans diverse sectors and extends across all of JC’s thirteen UK offices. Based in Central Scotland, she forges strong client connections, tailoring expert guidance on the most effective cloud accounting solutions to unique business goals. Julia's vast knowledge underpins personalised, trusted advice that enhances business and operational efficiency, driving success for JC’s clients and the firm.

Ami Copeland

Top 50 Woman in Accounting | CEO at the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

Speaker details coming soon. 

Jo Wood

Best Selling Author | Bookkeeping Expert | Co-Host of The Bookkeepers’ Podcast

Speaker details coming soon. 

Optimising with AI: Harnessing its Full Potential.


Learn how early adopters of AI can make the most out of the tools available to them. Stephen and the panel will debate how to elevate accounting and bookkeeping to the next level.

Paul Aplin OBE

MTD and UK Tax Specialist Consultant | Writer and Speaker on Tax & Technology

Paul Aplin OBE is a former president of ICAEW and was for 40 years in practice in an independent west country firm. He is a member of HMRC’s Administrative Burdens Advisory Board, Tax Faculty board, CIOT council, and CFE tax technology committee. He is adviser to personal tax app untied, ToD and Dext and is a regular commentator on tax and technology issues

Stuart Hurst Accounts and Legal
Stuart Hurst

Managing Director, Accounts & Legal 

Stuart is MD at accountants and legal, and winner of Xero’s award for ‘Most Valuable Professional”. Stuart has carried out over 2,000 cloud conversions which goes beyond setting up the accounting platform, but also bringing the app stack around it in to make the most of cloud. Stuart has also worked with a number of other accounting practices to help them automate their own systems internal and help manage change and set targets for practices.

Nicola Mason(1)
Nicola Mason

MD, Contractor Unlimited

Nicola is Managing Director of Point accounting Ltd & Contractor Unlimited with a team of 8 staff they focus on small to medium sized entities in all areas of the UK & Isle of man. She is an AAT Licenced accountant, holding an accountancy bachelors & master’s degree with a particular focus on automation of reporting. She's also one of the founders of Accountants and bookkeepers support Facebook group which currently has 12.8k members.