The Australian Accounting Tech Report:

Tackling the Time/Tech Conundrum

The impact of the pandemic on the workload of accountants and bookkeepers has been profound. As trusted advisers to businesses, they have been required to keep ahead of rapidly-changing legislation and stimulus, as well as contend with widespread staffing shortages.

While they recognise there are time-saving tools available to help ease this burden, they lack the time to research and implement them. We call this the Time/Tech Conundrum.

To give further voice to these challenges and spark discussion around how they can be resolved, Dext commissioned Momentum Intelligence and Accountant’s Daily to survey hundreds of accountants and bookkeepers across Australia. This research examines the challenges they are facing in the current environment, including time constraints and barriers to technology adoption.

This report draws five key insights from the survey findings, raising the following questions:

  • What are the biggest pressures on firms?
  • How do we get the staff?
  • What is the impact upon professionals?
  • Where can we improve?
  • How can we counter tech fatigue?

These questions are discussed in the report alongside commentary from industry leaders and active practitioners, who also pose potential solutions to the key challenges overwhelming today’s practices.

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