Webinar series

Secure Steps to Automation 

If you are curious to explore Accounting Automation and keen to get started, you have come to the right place. Dext has launched a brand new webinar mini series - Secure Steps to Automation. This 3-part series will provide practical tips and guidelines to support your automation journey. Register to watch on-demand right away.

Automation Masterclass Step 1: Your Timeline to Getting Started

In this webinar, we will be guiding you through our timeline to automation so you can follow the best approach to help you on your journey.

Guest speaker: Ellie Dignam, Chief Digital and Efficiency Officer at BHP, Chartered Accountants

Automation Masterclass Step 2: Finding the Right Solution 

The 2nd step in our automation masterclass will ready you to start exploring potential solutions and identifying the best fit for achieving your vision.

Guest speaker: Tim Baum-Dixon, CEO at Kingswood Allotts

Automation Masterclass Step 3: Bringing your Clients On-board

For the 3rd step in our automation masterclass, we will discuss how to get your clients engaged and onboarded from the start.

Guest speaker: David Oliver, Valued Accountancy


Watch now for practical tips and advice on kickstarting your automation journey. 

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Webinar Series Host
katie hoare (1)
Katie Hawking

Head of Practice Solutions & Sales Enablement, Dext

Katie joined Dext in January 2021 having spent 13 years in practice, specialising in small business development and focusing on digital transformation. Katie spearheaded the navigation through the app marketplace, developing a tech advisory offering and getting the firm MTD for VAT ready. She then spent 3 years working for one of the world’s largest cloud accounting software platforms supporting and advising a large number of accounting firms across the UK.

Guest Speakers
Webinar 1: Your Timeline to Automation
Ellie Dignam
Ellie Dignam

Chief Digital and Efficiency Officer at BHP, Chartered Accountants

Ellie has worked for BHP for 10 years in a variety of roles and is passionate about digital finance and data analytics. Her role centres around strategy including tackling big projects to researching new software or implementing new ways of working that benefit staff and clients.

Webinar 2: Finding Your Solution
tim kingswood
Tim Baum-Dixon

Chief Executive Officer at Kingswood Allotts

Tim is an experienced Chartered Accountant and Partner with over 15 years experience and joined Kingswood Allotts from Hentons where he was the Partner responsible for managing the Sheffield and Doncaster offices, National Board Member and Head of Digital Accounts.

Webinar 3: Bringing your Clients On-board
David Oliver

Software Expert for Business Solutions

David has worked for Valued for over 10 years and has more than 20 years of industry experience helping businesses streamline their processes through the application of technology.