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Cloud Accounting Specialist

Technology evolves fast, and it can be difficult for accounting firms to keep track of changes or know where to invest to save time, cut costs and improve efficiency. If even large accounting firms are often overwhelmed by the digital solutions available, for smaller and medium-sized practices the challenges can be even bigger. 

Enter the cloud accounting specialist.

As the digital revolution reshapes the way work is done, in the accounting industry, this transformation has resulted in the emergence of this new type of professional. Often an accountant - although not necessarily -, the cloud accounting specialist is responsible for identifying opportunities and implementing solutions with the help of technology.

Combining the knowledge and skills required in such a regulated industry alongside a natural excitement for smart digital solutions, they play a vital role in helping practices of any size and clients navigate the world of automation. And, contrary to what some might think, having a cloud accounting specialist on the team isn’t a privilege for larger firms only. In fact, most firms probably already have one, even if they don’t realise it.

Curious? We bet! 

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We’ve created an extensive guide to help you understand:

  • What cloud accounting specialists do and why they’re important;
  • Why every firm (small or large) needs one;
  • How to hire a cloud accounting specialist or empower one in your team;
  • How to become a cloud accounting specialist;
  • The risks of not having a cloud accounting specialist in your firm;
  • How exactly they implement new technologies;
  • How exactly they implement new technologies;
  • The value they bring to clients;
  • How they can help your firm generate new revenue;
And much more!