Dext Precision training sessions are perfect for new starters, or anyone who wants a refresher.

We offer two ways to get started with Precision, weekly live sessions in all regions and a selection of On Demand in our EMEA region.  

In the Live Training sessions, our in-house Experts will provide users with the tools to get off to a flying start with Dext Precision.

Main topics discussed:

  • Where Dext Precision fits in the process
  • The main use cases of Dext Precision
  • How to add clients to the platform
  • How to navigate around clean-up tools and insights
  • Create your first Flow
  • Access the Practice Dashboard
  • Followed by a Q&A session to help ensure all your questions are answered.

For EMEA we offer a selection of On Demand sessions.  We will be rolling out more On Demand sessions across all regions very soon.  If you are in Asia-Pacific or Canada- USA you may find these On Demand sessions helpful, please register in the EMEA region to watch them straight away.  (NB: once we roll out On Demand regionally some of the specific regional functionality will not be featured for Asia-Pacific & Canada-United States.)  

Topics covered are:

  • Prospecting, Quoting and Onboarding
  • Focus & Flows
  • Practice Analysis/Insights

See you there!

Select your region below to book your session today:

Asia-Pacific (Live - Every Monday & Friday)
Canada-United States (Live - Every Monday)
Europe - Africa Middle East (Live - Every Wednesday)

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