Discover the Dext and Xero advantage

As your business grows, so does the volume and complexity of your financial information. Dext Prepare's powerful data automation provides a stream of accurate financial data to complement Xero's core accounting software. 

Using Xero and Dext together your entire accounting cycle works more smoothly - reconciliations become more reliable, employee expenses are paid faster, your revenue picture is robust, and you can be more confident in compliance.

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Discover the Dext & Xero advantage
How to enhance your real-time 
data collection
and reporting


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Discover the Dext & Xero advantage
How to enhance your real-time 
data collection
and reporting

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HMRC and VAT compliance
Dext provides you with all the supporting paperwork associated with each transaction when reviewing your VAT return within Xero.

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HMRC and VAT enquiry
Take some of the stress away from a VAT enquiry with Dext and Xero. Ensure your VAT return is complete with real-time data collection. Even if it isn’t, you’ll have access to all that you need to fix it in a matter of clicks..

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Cash flow and payments
Dext and Xero put you in control of your client’s cash flow. Use cross-platform features to ensure records are complete and accurate, giving you greater confidence in what your clients owe and what they’re owed.

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Year-end process (reviews)
Whether you’re reviewing management accounts or year-end statutory accounts, context is key. Pull out all the information you need from documentation in Dext to ensure a smooth review process in Xero.

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Billable expenses
Reduce cash flow risks and save time on manual data entry with the re-billable expense toggle in Dext to streamline your sales invoice creation process in Xero.

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PO matching
Match invoices in Dext to open POs in Xero, to ensure that everything is accounted for.

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Bank match
At the point of purchase – or whenever a client takes a photo of their receipt – Dext extracts the data and matches it to the outgoing transaction in your Xero bank feed. By clicking Autofill, you can also populate any invoice with all the information you need, hit publish and see all of that in Xero.

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Tracking categories
Using tracking categories and Supplier Rules, Dext automatically categorises items before they are published into Xero.

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