Make complying with eInvoicing easy with Dext Prepare

The solution to support eInvoicing is here in Dext Prepare

With eInvoicing offering a more efficient and secure way for businesses to transact. Dext Prepare is offering a solution for Australia to support eInvoicing submissions. With Dext Prepare, you will be able to receive an eInvoice which leverages the use of your existing supplier rules or gives you the opportunity to set new ones, reducing manual data entry and automating the process of categorising your invoices.

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  • Centralised data 

Dext Prepare is your central repository for extraction, processing, and sending data to your accounting ledger. Regardless of how you receive your invoices, through direct submission, the mobile app, invoice fetch, email, and now eInvoices, Prepare will process the data you need, giving you complete coverage across all data sources.

  • Single central processing platform

For Dext Prepare partners, you and your clients only need to learn how to use a single eInvoices product regardless of which bookkeeping and accounting software you are both using. This means you both will be able to benefit from all the partner-side product features that are native only to Dext Prepare.

  • Hands-free accounting 

Dext Prepare’s automation features, such as supplier rules and auto publishing, take the manual work out of receiving eInvoices and other cost documents. Your already established rules in Dext Prepare will seamlessly apply to eInvoicing, so you can continue to streamline your submission process.

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