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How to Price Your Services in 2024

Join Nana Guenther, CPA, CA, and Sr. Practice Solutions Expert at Dext, as we discuss the pros and cons of popular pricing strategies, and how you can leverage technology to reduce your workload and increase your revenue.  


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About the webinar:

Scope creep is an all too familiar problem for Accountants and Bookkeepers - often being asked to do more than what was originally agreed upon and quoted. This leads to potential revenue loss, as well as lower recoverability as a whole. More importantly, it can also take up time and mental energy you don’t have. 

Conversations on pricing can be uncomfortable, especially with longstanding clients, but you deserve to be paid for the work you’re actually doing. So, how do you achieve accurate pricing? There is no one-size fits all approach in the world of pricing, and a shift to value-based pricing or fixed pricing, as opposed to hourly pricing, can require a more thoughtful strategy. 

In our session, we’ll go through the pros and cons of popular pricing strategies, and how technology can help you accurately price your current, and future clients. 



We'll be discussing:

  • The landscape of industry pricing
  • Current pricing strategies
  • Newer pricing strategies to look at
  • How to select the right one
  • How technology can help with pricing




Nana Guenther, CPA, CA

Senior Practice Solutions Expert Dext

Nana is a Chartered Professional Accountant and Chartered Accountant with a passion for creating efficiencies.  Her career began in public practice before transitioning to Corporate Accounting and Controlling roles for multi-national corporations in various industries incl. private equity real estate and infrastructure technology.  Much of her focus over the past several years has been leading finance teams through digitalization projects, restructuring initiates, ERP implementations and process improvements.  Nana is also a long-time facilitator for the CPA Professional Education Program.