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Navigating economic turbulence with quality client data: expert tips and insights

Focusing on data quality: A guide to proactively helping clients navigate economic uncertainty with accurate, real-time financial insights. 


In this guide, we look at the types of information that accounting and bookkeeping firms could be proactively reporting on to help clients get ahead of their numbers, and continue to grow their advisory services. Not just because these services are key to clients’ businesses surviving and thriving, but because they are also the future of accounting practices everywhere.






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  • Three major business challenges during times of economic uncertainty
  • How to identify clients that are struggling with these challenges 
  • Proactive ways to help clients through periods of uncertainty 
  • Tips on implementing an accounting tech stack to improve data quality 

About the authors


Paul Lodder

VP of Accounting and Product Strategy Dext

Paul joined Dext with 20+ years in practice at Sagars Accountants where he was a partner heading up the cloud accounting offering. ACCA qualified since 2003, Paul led the firm’s MTD and digital strategy, and provided support on digitalisation to accountants & bookkeepers across the country as well as providing solutions to clients’ challenges and supporting them to achieve their goals across accountancy, taxation and business advisory services. Paul is recognised as a leading expert on the implementation and benefits of digitalisation.

Katie Hoare

Katie Hoare

Global Head of Practice Solutions & Sales Enablement Dext

Katie joined Dext in January 2021 having spent 13 years in practice, specialising in small business development and focusing over the last 5 years on the digital transformation project for the 5-office firm. Katie spearheaded the navigation through the app marketplace, developing a tech advisory offering and getting the firm MTD for VAT ready. She then spent 3 years working for one of the world’s largest cloud accounting software platforms as a partner consultant and then as a practice solutions specialist, supporting and advising a large number of accounting firms across the UK.

...what we found


of time could be saved by automating data checking


hours spent annually on bad data by a firm of 15 accountants and boookkeepers

"Communication between you and your clients is so important during times of economic uncertainty; but it’s good data that underpins the conversation and enables the best decision-making."

Paul Lodder - VP of Accounting and Product Strategy, Dext