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Why Dext Precision?

As your firm grows, workflows can become more complex, time gets squeezed and client data issues become more frequent. With Precision you can improve your client data quality and build actionable insights that deliver real impact for all of your Xero & QuickBooks clients.

Dext Precision gives you the confidence to swiftly identify and resolve client data issues, build smart workflows and efficiently manage your team's performance. With detailed practice and client reports you'll also be able to upskill your practice and increase revenue through billable advisory services.

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Dext Precision empowers you to...


Group 1275-3
Get a full overview of all of your clients’ Xero and QuickBooks data so you can spot issues in advance.


Group 1276-2
Easily identify client data issues and fix them in a few clicks. That means less time spent on manual tasks.


Group 1255-2
Build and manage your team's workflow to improve productivity and ensure consistent levels of service.


Group 1277-2
Get actionable insights and create bespoke reports to improve your and your clients' businesses.

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