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  • New Technologies: Understanding how new technology is an opportunity and not a threat to the modern firm
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  • Real-Life Examples: Case studies of firms that went digital-first and transformed their efficiency and profitability 
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New Technology Dominating the Accounting Field


In a Salesforce Future of Work Study, it is said that in the next 6 months the most important skill will be adaptability.


data-analysis is the next most important skill-set

"As all bookkeepers know, there are 2 different ways to tackle a bookkeeping file. You are using the bank statements or the receipts as your source documentation. If you are using the bills, that means you are going into QBO and continuously clicking “New Bill” and manually inputting information like the date, supplier, amount, tax amount paid, and more. But what if I told you that there was a faster way?"

Mustaqueem Khan, CPA, Dext (Product Consultant)